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Wellbeing At Macquarie is your CBD oasis from the stresses of modern day life, living, working and relationships. Centrally located for your convenience in the heritage British Medical Association Building. Our professional team of practitioners are here to help you to find solutions in a caring and understanding environment. Wellbeing At Macquarie is here for your wellbeing.


Quality of Care
Our team of practitioners are among the best in Australia. Recognised authorities in their fields, and fully accredited with major professional bodies, you can be assured of the best assistance from the best professionals. At Wellbeing At Macquarie we don’t just care, we are able to offer a quality assurance of the highest standards possible.

Our Mission
To nurture and promote the wellbeing of all and to do this in a nurturing, caring environment, with professionalism. We strive for the best result in every circumstance. Excellence is our constant goal.

Psychotherapy is a process that helps a person to resolve their emotional problems, usually through self-awareness that is gained in the therapeutic relationship. It is a confidential process based on the inner world of the client. In a step by step process, it allows the examination of struggles, their causes and consequences, with the goal of resolution and self-acceptance. See Paula Kruger
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) assists people to identify problems, formulate goals and develop psychological strategies to improve their lives. Jim O’Connor facilitates this process and has found CBT to be a popular and powerful technique to bring about positive change in her patients. See Jim O’Connor
Life Coaching
The aim of ‘life-coaching’ is to nurture the individual’s capacity to find confidence in their own strengths, and talents to achieve their goals and aspirations.  It helps the person cross the barrier between just thinking about what they wish for, and taking the first step  in making their hopes and dreams into something tangible. See Paula Kruger
Relationship Counselling
If you or someone you know is having difficulty with a relationship; then relationship counselling will help. During the process of relationship counselling the key concerns are identified, any unhelpful relationship dynamics are examined; couples are taught effective communication, conflict resolution and the keys to enhancing their relationship; all within a safe and empathic environment. See Jim O’Connor
Trauma Counselling
Traumatic events such as witnessing or being a direct victim of violent crime, or horrific accidents, can happen to individuals, groups, and businesses. An immediate response is a critical-incident-debrief that deals with the emotional shock and identifies particular problems. This involves providing strategies that enable a swift recovery and reduce debilitating longer-term effects. See Paula Kruger
Are you a victim of crime?
Yuliya Richard provides counselling to people who have endured suffering and trauma, as a result of experiencing a cruel act of violence and crime inflicted by another person or a group of people. Often these acts are recurrent and horrific in nature, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse. See Yuliya Richard
Workplace Counselling
There are a wide-range of issues that benefit from Counselling and Psychotherapy in the business and corporate world. Counselling is an effective strategy that addresses anger and aggression, effective communication, and structural change including retrenchment, and change in management. It also deals with critical-incident-debriefing, following traumatic events such as, armed robberies and industrial accidents. It can be win/win with staff better able to deal with the emotional toll including depression, reduced confidence etc. This can help the morale of the organisation, thus increasing productivity. See Paula Kruger

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
The  word ‘hypnosis’ comes from the Greek hypnos which means sleep. But that’s not what the hypnotic state is, in reality the hypnotic state is  a natural ‘in-between’ state, some where between our waking and sleep states. Once the mind has been lead into this state, incredible healing, transformations and positive changes can occur. While in this state, the clients conscious mind is ‘parked’ in a safe  place which  then reveals the subconscious part of the mind, and to varying degrees it becomes accessible and receptive to releasing old and unwanted patterns, thoughts and behaviours and replacing them with new positive ones. The body is perfectly relaxed but the mind is acutely focused and receptive. Hypnosis works because its goal-orientated. After hypnosis the client can utilise the clarity and new way of thinking to achieve their pre set goals. See Tim Thornton

Relationship Counselling
Couples learn new ways of communicating and relating with each other. Thoughts, feelings, wants and not-wants are assertively expressed in a safe, and empathic environment, leading to clearer understandings. Common goals and levels of commitment are examined. Problems due to different life experiences and families of origin are addressed and realistic outcomes are explored. See Paula Kruger

Family Therapy
The focus is on bringing about change in the family realtionship. The presenting problem may be frustrations and pain resulting from how the children are acting out. Effective communication strategies, clear messages and boundaries are dealt with and evaluating all relationships within the family, modeled behaviour are strategies that can lead to positive outcomes.
See Paula Kruger

Virtual gastric band
Virtual gastric banding is an alternative and very successful method of the more classic and conventional hypnosis for weight loss. It utilises elements of hypnosis, NLP and visualisation techniques to create the suggestion that the stomach has undergone the real procedure and that their stomach has reduced in size. Their subconscious mind ‘believes’ this and subsequently the client feels fuller on much smaller portions of food.
Over the four sessions the suggestions become so real to the client, that their appetites get smaller and by eating less and exercising more, they naturally lose weight. The changes are long term if not permanent. See Tim Thornton

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