Paula Kruger


  •  BA (Psych)
  • Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change (DUX 2000)
  • G.Dip Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling (1997)
  • Clinical Member ACA
  • CERT 450719 St Johns Ambulance Australia

Conditions Treated

  • Anxiety  
  • Anger Management
  • Addictions
  • Burnout/self-care
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Depression 
  • Family issues
  • Grief and loss counselling
  • Identity issues
  • Intimacy issues
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Self-esteem/low confidence
  • Stress management
  • Sexual issues
  • Trauma 
  • Workplace issues 


Paula Kruger is a Psychotherapist with 23 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families, and workgroups.

Paula has built her reputation over the years, as an expert in her field, with both her colleagues and clients.

She continues to also work with high profile organisations who have employed her to help deal with workplace issues affecting the efficacy and morale of their work environments. She is regarded very highly by these organisations who find calm and confidence in Paula’s method of working with people. Her gentle, kind, and knowledgeable approach instils peace of mind in those who employ her services.

Paula has worked extensively with victims of crime over the past 20 years, which has resulted in a close working relationship with industry bodies such as the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), Clubs NSW (ClubSAFE), and various other hotel groups and organisations. Paula is often approached to advise on workplace employee issues.

Paula was previously employed as the Manager of the GameCare Program, on behalf of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) for a number of years. This program enabled individuals to self-exclude from the gaming areas of hotels, as well as counselling support throughout NSW. Paula enjoyed facilitating this program and was moved by the positive outcome’s individuals, benefited from this program.

Following running of the GameCare Program, Paula was also instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition across to the ClubsNSW Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion (MVSE) system that now delivers a one stop shop self-exclusion tool for patrons wishing to ban themselves from the venues in their local area.

Paula continues to support Club members on a broad range of issues in conjunction with her efforts to also support self-identified problem gamblers through counselling and education on support networks.

Paula is the standalone EAP provider for all staff at Clubs around NSW, along with the management of the afterhours ClubSAFE counselling and referral line, attending to at risk patrons that suffer from a destructive relationship toward gambling.

Over the past 16 years Paula has been the Director of the Wellbeing At Macquarie Clinic in Macquarie Street, Sydney. She has the extensive expertise and experience to work with a number of clinical issues.

Prior to opening up the Wellbeing Clinic, Paula managed two other Psychotherapy/Psychology and Counselling clinics. Her role involved not only working closely with couples, families and individual clients, but also non-voluntary clients sent to her from Probation and Parole, as well as individuals struggling with drug addictions, and also individuals on the Methadone program and associated clinical issues. Her position also involved inducting intern therapists, as well as providing clinical supervision to these therapists.

Paula has also developed and delivered a series of lectures and workshops, on issues such as ‘Self-Care and Burnout, ‘Depression and Anxiety’, Suicide and Suicide Prevention’, ‘Trauma’, ‘Stress Management’, and ‘Assertive Communication’.

Are You Feeling Depressed, Anxious, or Angry?

Have You Experienced Loss of a loved one or your job?

Is You cofidence or Self-Esteem Low?

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

How I can help you

  • Identify the source of your struggle
  • Discuss goals
  • Explore personal issues in a safe and empathic environment
  • Develop a treatment plan based on your personal needs and presenting problem.
  • Work towards emotional independence by developing a stronger sense of self.
  • Develop self awareness and confidence to allow you to make significant decisions and changes and facilitate a process whereby you are guided to find the answers from within.

How I work

My immediate concern is to help you overcome problems and the unhappiness they cause. Although people will have different presenting issues, they have a common base. In each condition the person does not feel free to be him or her self and to live productively or fully because of the constriction from within. While this lack of freedom manifests itself differently in different people, it is always a fundamental issue in my psychotherapy practice.

I explore the dynamics within the therapeutic relationship and how these may extend to other relationships.

I believe in a step by step process towards self awareness and your growth potential, and I encourage your involvement in this active process.

To make an appointment with Paula Kruger phone 02 9247 7004 or 0408 663 203

Mission of Wellbeing at Macquarie

To nurture and promote the wellbeing of all and to do this in a nurturing, caring environment, with professionalism. We strive for the best result in every circumstance. Excellence is our constant goal.

About Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy is not a process in which a therapist ‘cures’ you or does something to you.

It is an active learning process with your active involvement.

Psychotherapy as I practice it explores how you interact with the world and yourself. It helps you understand the origins of your belief structures and how these may be limiting your life and your potential.

Psychotherapy and Counselling are complimentary. Whilst psychotherapy ‘peels away the layers of the onion’. working on underlying causes, the counselling element also helps to alleviate symptoms and creativity through empathic understanding, instillation of hope and normalisation of the problem. I teach life coping skills, such as more effective communication within relationships, limit setting (boundaries), and relaxation techniques.