BMA House

Beautiful and Historic BMA House
When the British Medical Association built BMA House in 1930 they spared no expense in making this the premier address in Macquarie Street for Doctors and Health Professionals.

At 12 stories it was one of the tallest of the new skyscrapers in Sydney at the time, but what set it apart was the extraordinary decorations. The facade of the building is festooned with gargoyles and beautiful tiles in rich designs that are unique. The 11th floor balconies are surmounted by giant medieval knights presenting shields to ward off evil.

To the credit of the buildings owners the interior fittings are original and reflect the beauty and elegance of a world long past.

Please enjoy these galleries of photos of the British Medical Association Building and surrounding areas. As you can see not only is there a rich architectural heritage to enjoy upon your visit to Wellbeing@Macquarie, but cafes, historic buildings, and the beauty of the Botanic Gardens are all at our front door.